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Summary of 2019 What I have learned

February 2, 2020

Summary of 2019 What I have learned

The year 2019 was so challenging, I Started from leaving the company, and a project which I was a co-founder of, later I didn’t work for some months. I started being an active member of Warsaw JavaScript community. At that time I created my own E-Commerce shop. I Started being a lecturer as a freelance job. I met the Love of my life and later I decided to finish working for a school and become a developer again. This article’s target isn’t to show why I made this decision, but what every place taught me. No hate, only peace and love.

Resigning from the old company, and saying bye-bye to my little child/startup hope

I am not able to be a co-founder when I don’t realize my own targets in which I believe.

Warsaw JavaScript community and me

Sharing knowledge for free doesn’t give you cash, but gives you sth more than you can imagine – appreciation.

Community are not for networking, they are for looking for inspiration from other guys.

Time without work + starting E-Commerce shop

Being rich means to have enough money to buy everything, but not purchase anything. Without money which I saved before being ‘free,’ I wouldn’t be able to focus on my life for so long without earning money. Also, it showed me that if you have ‘save amount,’ you can always say ‘FUCK MONEY,’ and leave your work immediately if sb treats you like trash(only just in case haha).

Sometimes playing good RPG is worth more than having a social life(of course, with some limits).

About the shop there will be another article, but briefly. It doesn’t matter when you start and how big the competition is, but what really matters is that you are going to be the best, and also the price is the price, but the method of selling and how you sell things is the key.

Programming Lecturer / Mentor

You cannot buy happiness for money. I really appreciate that work. It was an awesome adventure. Money is only money, but it was my first work when I started believing that money doesn’t matter, but what really matters is what you can do in the life of your students. First-time money was only a side effect of my job in all my life.

Becoming a programmer again

Sometimes small things can change the whole world. I think our world is so repetitive. Revolutions and big game-changers are only small companies which see how they can connect existing solutions but in the way that nobody did before.

My mind/psyche

If you have a lot of work, always find time for your closest family and friends. If you don’t have time, you need to find it ASAP also if you have to resign from sth important for you.

2019 year of changes

2019 was much better than 2018. When 2018 finished, my friend told me: ‘Every next year should be better than the previous one, but in your case, I am not sure if it is possible.’ I made it, now let’s focus on 2020.
You see only my results. But you don’t know who stands behind everything:

  • Old Company Thanks a lot for my coworkers from the previous company. All the best for what you are doing, maybe one day our paths will cross again, you never know.
  • Community
  • Lots of thanks to Kasia, Tuhaj, Pieciocha – the founders of WarsawJS. Also to Pocztar for teaching me why I should check JSON before parse, and why DENO is not only for dinosaurs.
  • Time without work
  • thanks to CD-Project for around two weeks full of gaming with Witcher!
  • Lecturer/mentor
  • I met so many awesome people here. Thanks to Gosia for taking care of me, I hope I wasn’t so bad as a lecturer. Thanks, girls from Course Specialist department for being my best coworkers. And Thanks, Marcin for showing me that not only logic javascript world has sense, talking to you I wanted to be HTML developer again, not only JS.
  • New work
  • Thanks, Rafał for taking care of me during recruitment. Thanks to Team Spirit for introducing me to this magic world. Sometimes it was strange to ask for things which were obvious for you. Thanks for your patience and that you are so cool. And Thanks to the whole Fresha/Shedul team for being awesome!
  • My mind / Psyche – just me
  • Thanks to my close friends and my whole family for forgiving me.
  • For all: for her <3