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My opinion about Udacity React nano degree

March 5, 2018

My opinion about Udacity React nano degree

When i wanted to buy course i was a bit scary about time needed to be graduated. They estimated it for 12 hours per week in 4 months. In this same moment i was also at google scholarship (first stage), so my decision wasn’t as easy as you think. Everyone has time limit which can’t increase. But finnally i make decision to start it. I wanted make challenge for myself and how i though “resign” for my social life. Now i know that was one of my the best decision which i have ever made.

Firstly this estimated time is to big. Material of course is very short. Generally these 12hours per week are for projects which are very demanding. “Tasks” in this course are really challenging and needed to broaden one’s knowledge. I don’t know how, but balance between course materials and learning yourself by searching in google was briliant. In my opinion course was around 40% needed knowledge to make projects.

What about projects? There are 3 projects in course.

First of them was create sth like “library” books, where you can select book and classify them by yourself. You already have HTML and CSS code, but you have to transform it to clear react and added feature. Full application you can see there.

Second, it’s challenging, because redux isn’t user friendly for start. In Redux we have 3 “components”. Every component need anothers to works. So you have to understand all of them or you don’t udnerstand any. Finally redux became my the best friend and in third project which i hadn’t to use redux I used. This project was the hardest, i sent 10 attempts to get approve.

Third project was mobile application. App with flash cards, where you have cards in lists, which you can add and later check yourself answering for question. React native is a bit difficult, because you have to change method how you look at “react”.

To sum up. Udacity React nanodegree is one of the best adventure with programming in my life. These spends money are good decision. I am react master. If you consider take it or not take it, i will really recommend it. Now I can say it.