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My holidays in sunny California

June 2, 2018

My holidays in sunny California

My first time in America in the best place where i could be – Sillicon valley. Every programmer should be here someday. Reason of my trip there was winning I\/O ticket (read more here). In this article i want continue my relation from my US holidays.

Friday – first day of my San Francisco trip

First day i wan’t alone. My friend Balaz was with me. We made short trip on north San Francisco. We visit port. We met seagull which steal food from my friend. The best impress for me was skyscraper. Of course we have them also in warsaw, but there aren’t as close as in San Francisco. It’s amazing feeling – fell small in big city. This city is very steep, you have to be in good condition to walk whole city by feet. What i learnt here it’s there aren’t business which can’t give you money. Examples? There is job in which you walk with pets like dogs. Or there is some kind of uber to get your pet to vet. I was also in “society shock”. In San Francisco there are a lot of homeless people. I was really scared because it’s not so comfortable see somany people who haven’t got place to sleep.

Second day like GTA – welcome to Los Angeles

Next day was a bit crazy. I had to wake up at 4 am because at 6 i got flight to LA. When i came i had to say: it’s metropolis. Very big streets with 3-4 track in one way. I spent 2 hours in city center, later to holywood. There i made mistake and i missed park where is hollywood sign. Lucky when i find out what happend i took uber and get correct place. Next ubet trip wasn’t as lucky. I had Uber accident, but the most important is nothing happend and everyone was full of helath. Last ours i spent on Santa Monica beatch – beautiful place, if i could i would spend more time there. This same day i had flight back to San Francisco. It was amazing one day trip to another city and a bit another then SF.

Third day – lazy day

Whole day i took a rest of my LA trip. It was first moment when i could sleep to 3pm. I visit only twin peaks where i made that photo. It’s amazing place where you can see whole San Francisco. Radio tower(around 30 meters) which there is on this mountain touch clouds.

Last day and finally historical place – Alcatraz

I don’t want to hurt americans, but in my opinion generally US building hasn’t got “history”. I mean that In US there are a lot of great building but there are very young and new. Alcatraz is one of the place which that story has. The most famoust prison from cyvil war really is impressed. There was trip with audio guide which was very good(differently what i thought). This day was my last day of holiday. I hope i will visit america one day again.

America see you soon!