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[OutDated] My Blog is progressive! What does it mean?

March 5, 2018

[OutDated] My Blog is progressive! What does it mean?

In coming years there are more and more mobile application. Big companies as Apple and Google start mobile revolution, but it’s not monopoly, not today! Welcome to world progressive web application, mobile “WEB” application which works offline. Now we have service worker which allow us control data between our browser and internet. We now have two super powers:

  • “Manual” cache – where we can keep all images, css, js and html structure in cache! But wait you have to tell browser what resources should save.
  • IndexDB – NoSql database in our browser! Save all data in json format.

Ok i mention about service worker, it is our super hero who say what browser should do with request. Our hero can get all request and gives answer which he wants.<\/p>

Browser: – I need css… Meybe ask server to get it?
Service worker: – Oh sorry man I have already saved that. Take it!

Look how my blog works in simple steps:

  • You enter my blog we load 9 articles, images to cache, and text to database
  • We save all css, js and html structure
  • We serve you offline data and we are updating css every time (in case we change sth)

Now make test by your self! Take your phone and turn off internet (flight mode is good solution), it works and still you can switch articles, amazing doesn’t it?

Ok, progressive web apps are nice, but what about others features. Check this Today opportunity is so big and you schould consider what can happend in future. Meybe one day native mobile application will become extinct like dinosaur which appers in chrome when you haven’t got internet.