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How bad interview change my point of view

July 3, 2018

How bad interview change my point of view

Maybe it sounds crazy but it’s true, my bad procession of recruitment showed me what I really want.

But slowly what happened. Someday to my parents call their old friend who heard that I am making websites. He had some offer for me and he invited me to his office. Office dream, it wasn’t an apartment in big skyscrapper but a very big house on suburbs. I would travel this same length of time to that house like to the job in which I worked, so distance wasn’t a problem. It was a subcontractor for the big international company, I don’t want to say which, but that job gave a lot of possibilities like work in the international team and frequent travels to London minimum 1 per month. I didn’t talk about money but I was sure that it would be good because specialization was good, but I didn’t look for money, but for the opportunity which this job could give me. I had 2 meeting. First, it was a short discussion about technology and possibilities in front-end. The company wants to create their product in web version because they already get it in another form. I would be a person who that web make. We talk about angular and react and how it looks like now. The second talk was when people from the main company come to Warsaw. They talked with me to check my English level which wasn’t the worst and later I got the task to do. How task? I can say one thing: I have never written as ugly code as then, but when I came to home i though to write it once again in a home and send them. I did it. But… Next day at work I get a new offer from my boss and team leader which I had got. They proposed me to create a new company to create my own product. To create sth which I will start and finish on my own with my own team. Now it will be the conclusion. At that moment I had to make a decision what answer would be when that first company, on which interview I was, called me. I was thinking 5 days. And finally made a decision. I want to create sth on my own. Don’t hear what another people say, not looking for their vision. Create sth from sketch to big product.

What about that interview? They didn’t call me, but… If I wasn’t been in a process I wouldn’t be sure what I really want to do in my life. Now I am 100% sure of this decision.