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Google and Udacity my guides in I/O world

May 20, 2018

Google and Udacity my guides in I/O world

I still can’t believe what happened. Google with Udacity made some kind of raffle for google scholars where you could win a trip to google i\/o. I took one day leave to complete the project needed to take participation. I remember that morning when I woke up and checked my email and I saw an email \u201cbig news\u201d and I thought it was spam. I always read spam but later, not immediately. While I was eating I started to read. And then I noticed that\u2026 I had won… fast check email, yes it was for udacity. I had barely read 3 sentences when I took phone and started calling (sorry Marcin for the wake-up). I can’t describe what I felt then. I know one – it was incredible.

Let’s start our adventure Monday

The first day of the american dream starts on the plane. The flight to sunny California took 15 hours. When I came I went with the other guys from google’s developers programs to Lunch. Reception took place at the google campus. I rode by bicycle through the whole google plex and visited the conference place to get I/O badges

Second day of my dream is first day of the conference – Tuesday

Google I\/O is one of the biggest (in my mind the biggest) conferences in the world. A place where new trends are published. Google isn’t only a search engine. It also the biggest software provider. Who don’t know android? But I prefer web software. So…. Polymer, Angular, Google analitics, Google Chrome. Ahhh. Every Google step in every area is important for their opponents. First day was the day of key notes. Changes in android – Kotlin. Google assistant who speaks like a human and books your hairdresser. Google map which shows on a camera where you should go. Our world is changing on our eyes. Google I\/O is not an invention place, it’s the sum of the whole time which developers take to create new reality. Google I/O is only the place where results which are never finally formed are showed. Because there isn’t an ideal form, but only steps towards it that you can take.

How this conference looks like?

There are 8 Stages. In every hour “Session” there are 8 tracks – 8 diffrent speaches about diffrent areas and subjects. Machine learning, AI, Web, Android, ECommerce, Business, Self development car etc. There are also sandboxes, big spheres about some subject. For example VR sandbox where you could try virtual reality or web sphere where you can talk with angular and polymer creator. You also have the possibility to talk with people from google on office hours, every hour there are others guys and others subjects. The last attraction was coderlabs where you can try the newest technology and if you get 4 stickers(one sticker for every code attempt) you have the chance to win a ticket for google I/O 2019.

Third day, modern web makes me crazy – Wednesday

Progressive web application – my love. Now google is working on the possibility to make PWA, a desktop application. In actual chromebook you can normally download the application and use it without URL bars and other browse accessories. AMP – Accelereted mobile apps – clean and fast form of website which gives you the opportunity to interact with users in new ways. Google sign in with one click using only your gmail or pay for your shopping by one touch by google pay. I know one. Now there is a big revolution in how we use the internet. Soon the only thing we will need when we go outside will be our phone. I really enjoyed it and think that foods ecommerce should immediately come in mobile web app. Look at starbucks mobile app. Are you on the move? You can easily order and pay in around 20 seconds and only come to the coffee shop to get your coffee to hand. And one more thing which I could forget, new captcha coming soon, finally we won’t be able to do anything to prove that we aren’t robots.

Last day of conference and Udacity Meeting 2013 Thursday

Last day the end of the conference and meetup Udacity. Great opportunity to get to know “Our” guys in one place. Everyone had this same possibility to learn together with udacity. Everyone was on a different nanodegree course. One place and so many different areas.


There is always a time to say farewell. I am very happy that I had this opportunity to meet new friends who also love to explore new technology and possibilities like me. But everything that starts has its end. This day was sad not only because it was end of I\/O but also because there is a risk that I won\u2019t see the majority of you again.


For you Udacity and Google. I know that was a big luck but I also know sth more important that this luck “will” change my life. Will, because it was only a spark which is becoming fire. It’s all from me personal, because I have the biggest thank you. From us – your community which you create every day. For the opportunity which you created. Thank you udacity for knowledge. Thanks to you we can learn by ourselves. Thank you google for helping others get scholarships and giving the possibility to learn for free. Not everyone sees in what time we are already. It’s time of self-development. All knowledge is available from first hand from the internet. The only limit/border is your mind. I know one thing and I think you can sign under these words. I want to create reality, not repeat it. Thanks to you google and udacity I can make it.

One more time