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From Google scholarship to Google certificated

September 10, 2018

From Google scholarship to Google certificated

I started google scholarship I was young full stack web developer who didn’t know in which way should choose.

Maybe some words about a scholarship

Google scholarship is a program for from different regions over whole the world. Last day was recruitment for Europe version. There were 4 possibilities: android basic, android advance, full stack web developer, mobile web specialist. Because I had some knowledge in web technology. I chose last one. They accepted me.

How it looks like

Google scholarship is course sponsored by Google on Udacity platform. You have to part. First, 3 month has 10 000 members, and you make course about offline websites. You get knowledge about service worker and indexDB. There isn’t any project which you have to finished. In the next stage are only 1000 places. To get the place in the second part you have to help others on forum or slack. If you will be in this lucky group you get mobile web specialist nanodegree program. There I have 3 stage of one project. Everyone has to be accepted separately. If you finish all of them and your final project is completed. You are nanodegree certificated (photo below). It tooks me only 2 months. It was very easy for me. (predicted time was 6 months). This course was preparing to official google certificate for mobile web specialist.

Next step, get certificated

After scholarship I had some break, I was in US. After small holidays my decision was to take certificate exam. But how to prepare? I am so lazy… So in one moment I take one day off in next month and book my exam term. So I hadn’t got choice I had to do it. I made very big mistake. I thought i booked exam on 12:15 pm, but it was am. Yea, I have written it at night. I get reminder 50 minutes before, I run to shop buy redbull and cola and I take it.

How does it look like?

You have exam around 20 tasks, every opened(you have to write sth) and 4 hours to resolve them. You are connecting remote to their computer based on Linux. How to prepare? Read a case study. 90% of scope is used on the exam. You have to be fluent, every task are easy

What else?

There are some error, some tasks after resolved you can’t preview in their browser

Finally, I am one of certificated

It was some milestone in my life and I am very happy that I could finish it. Without it I didn’t learn anything about PWA what’s now for me is one of my hobbies.

If you want to check my certificate, here you have link.