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Escape rooms – my new freaky hobby

November 29, 2018

Escape rooms – my new freaky hobby

When I was young I was used to going to the cinema two times per month. Later I resigned generally from watching films because I needed time for my new passion which was programming. My only activity for my teenager’s years was dancing and play video games in which I played for years. No computer games I replaced by real games, which are escape rooms.

How escape room works? Nothing new, this same rule which was in old flash games. You are locked in some “place” and you need resolve puzzles to leave the room. In general, you have 60 minutes to do it. I am writing place because major escape rooms have more spaces then one. There are also games where instead of leaving you have complete some task. Rescue world (i made it 3 times this year) or another crazy thing like steal money from bank.

Programming and escape room? WTF

Having experience in leaving rooms gives you more opportunities to have a better time. That experience I can compare to algorithms. You can’t get sth because it’s too far? Use some stick or chain to get it. You see sth behind glass? Use magnet and more more other examples

See more than others

The second lesson is sighting more things in one place. I don’t talk about puzzles which are always hidden, but about vibration around you. You don’t know how much place makes. In some room, it’s light imitate sun. You start in a dark room with candles, in the middle of the game you see everything and later dark comings back. In another place, there was a tree which slowly grows when you was solving puzzles. Small elements which change everything, but you don’t notice it when you are focus playing. So put your phone to pocket, open your eyes and see details which nobody see in this running world.