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that by code you can change world.

What I learn as team leader in half year

For the half year I work as a person who manages others programmers. I think lessons, which that opportunity gave me, is so big. It’s not only knowledge but also transform inside me.

Firstly perfectionism.
When I started programming there was one rule: everything should be perfect. I really believe in it. When we start creating new software I thought this same. My notice is when you make the project on your own it’s easy to control every aspect of work. When you work with others people that control is not possible. Small details are important, but not as much as a target which you wanna get.

Secondly, give others make mistakes.
Every big change is the sum of small mistakes made in the way to get it. Everybody who has experience has general bigger knowledge the person who hasn’t got that knowledge. Getting this knowledge is big travel of not efficient works. Of course better got a mentor, but mentor shouldn’t show you the easiest way. Better is write sth totally bad, but on your own than get a recipe to a good solution. After making mistake (bad code in this case) you can see and compare what is changing problem to easier and better.

Thirdly try to understand other ideas.
If you have some idea - great, but don’t say it is only one good solution. Major times has happened that idea, which I thought is bad, was better. Don’t believe that you have only right. Big mistake it's only listening what others say. You have to try to understand. You have to get an open mind. If you have your own plan and another person speaks when you are far far away with your minds, it’s nonsense.

A bit about experience
Lastly, I have talk in my team, about things which we make bad and if we made the whole project again what would better be done. Everyone makes mistakes. Every new feature change code of whole apps. It is how technology is changing. Major new languages it's only repeating older in another way. Don’t be afraid start again. Every re-build it’s a new start with new experience and new ideas which make your project better than last time.

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