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Conclusion of my America dream - holiday in US. I hope i will visit you again! #america…

My holidays in sunny california

My first time in America in the best place where i could be - Sillicon valley. Every programmer should be here someday. Reason of my trip there was winning I/O ticket (read more here). In this article i want continue my... Read more

Thank you again @Google and @udacity for made my dreams true. I wrote briefly my adventure with @GoogleIO2018. I kn…

Google and Udacity my guides in I/O world

BackgroundI still can’t believe what happened. Google with Udacity made some kind of raffle for google scholars where you could win a trip to google i/o. I took one day leave to complete the project needed to take partic... Read more

Google i/o was really nice expierience which will stay in my memory for ever. Thanks @udacity and @google for my dreams which come true. #growwithgoogle #udacitygooglescholars #myiowithudacity #googleio #googleio2018 #conference #googleconference #it #polishboy #holidays

RT @googleeurope: Enjoy the journey! #GoogleUdacityScholars #io18 #growwithgoogle

If you consider about React nanodegree. Let's read my article: #udacity #react #reactjs #nanodegree

My opinion about Udacity React nanodegree

When i wanted to buy course i was a bit scary about time needed to be graduated. They estimated it for 12 hours per week in 4 months. In this same moment i was also at google scholarship (first stage), so my decision was... Read more

My Blog is progressive! What does it mean?

In coming years there are more and more mobile application. Big companies as Apple and Google start mobile revolution, but it's not monopoly, not today! Welcome to world progressive web application, mobile "WEB" applicat... Read more