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that by code you can change world.

How bad interview change my point of view

Maybe it sounds crazy but it's true, my bad procession of recruitment showed me what I really want.But slowly what happened. Someday to my parents call their old friend who heard that I am making websites. He had some of... Read more

Element talks @elementtalks #graphic #conference

Form Progress Bar jQuery Plugin

My First jQuery plugin adding progress Bar for required fields in the form: #jQuery…

Conclusion of my America dream - holiday in US. I hope i will visit you again! #america…

My holidays in sunny california

My first time in America in the best place where i could be - Sillicon valley. Every programmer should be here someday. Reason of my trip there was winning I/O ticket (read more here). In this article i want continue my... Read more

Thank you again @Google and @udacity for made my dreams true. I wrote briefly my adventure with @GoogleIO2018. I kn…

Google and Udacity my guides in I/O world

BackgroundI still can’t believe what happened. Google with Udacity made some kind of raffle for google scholars where you could win a trip to google i/o. I took one day leave to complete the project needed to take partic... Read more

Google i/o was really nice expierience which will stay in my memory for ever. Thanks @udacity and @google for my dreams which come true. #growwithgoogle #udacitygooglescholars #myiowithudacity #googleio #googleio2018 #conference #googleconference #it #polishboy #holidays