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Small developer believing
that by code you can change world.

"Be willing to lose a battle in order to win the war." ~H. Jackson Brown Jr.

React Filter Builder - my first plugin on NPM!

Sky is the limit #warsawspire #warsawjs #meetup

I official create company! Welcome to Veftay! How bad interview change my point of view, it sounds crazy, isn't it? #story #storytelling #mystorymyway

How bad interview change my point of view

Maybe it sounds crazy but it's true, my bad procession of recruitment showed me what I really want.But slowly what happened. Someday to my parents call their old friend who heard that I am making websites. He had some of... Read more

Element talks @elementtalks #graphic #conference

Form Progress Bar jQuery Plugin

My First jQuery plugin adding progress Bar for required fields in the form: #jQuery…