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Small developer believing
that by code you can change world.

Yes! Finally we got this! Support for PWA in google play store.

My first workshop as a trainer. I have to say that teaching others makes me happy and I will continue this path.

What I learn as team leader in half year

For the half year I work as a person who manages others programmers. I think lessons, which that opportunity gave me, is so big. It’s not only knowledge but also transform inside me.Firstly perfectionism.When I started p... Read more

Google devfest #bebettereveryday

Escape rooms - my new freaky hobby

When I was young I was used to going to the cinema two times per month. Later I resigned generally from watching films because I needed time for my new passion which was programming. My only activity for my teenager's&nb... Read more

@Gfycat Can i use your gif in powerpoint presentation?

#jsPoland #javascript #conference

One book will change whole my life

If sb wants to know my story, how I became a Certificated Google Mobile Web Specialist, and also want to know which…